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11. November 2022, 4 min read

Here are the world’s 100 best vegetable restaurants in 2022!

Author: Birgitte Brøndum
Many different vegetables
Different vegetables on a food market
Photo: Wendy Wei

On November 8, the project We’re Smart® World published its latest ranking of the 100 best vegetable restaurants in the world. These restaurants aren’t necessarily vegetarian, but they excel in cooking delicious dishes where vegetables play the leading roles.

During the last few years, more and more restaurant guests are looking for restaurants with a better selection of vegetable options on the menu. There are many reasons for this; climate concerns, animal welfare and health are some. No matter what, including more vegetables on the menu is a good strategy for most restaurants, not only because it makes sense to adapt to guests’ demands, but also because vegetables are better for both the budget and the climate.

The restaurants that got a place on the list of the world’s 100 best vegetable restaurants have created dishes tasty enough to make guests forget meat ever existed.

Who created the list of the best vegetable restaurants?

The initiator of the project and concept We’re Smart® World is Frank Fol. He’s the former Head Chef and owner of the Belgian Michelin Star restaurant Sire Pynnock. We’re Smart® World wants to create a connection between companies and individual people who are at the forefront when it comes to ecology, health, and sustainability. Some come from the food industry, others don’t.

Frank Fol has been passionate about vegetables for more than three decades. Moreover, his own cooking has always been centred around vegetables and fruit.

Why a list of the best vegetable restaurants?

The people and companies behind the list aim to learn from each other in order to make our societies smarter when it comes to health and sustainability. The philosophy of initiator Frank Fol is “Think vegetables.” It’s in the spirit of this philosophy that We’re Smart® World publishes a yearly list of the best gourmet vegetable restaurants in the world.

The purpose of the list is to highlight good vegetable restaurants. Additionally, it’s a delicious bucket list for all lovers of gourmet vegetable dishes.

Gourmet vegetable dishes
Photo: Geraud Pfeiffer

Let’s dig into the list of the world’s 100 best vegetable restaurants!

On the list of the best vegetable restaurants, we’re proud to see our Danish customers, restaurants Moment and Kadeau.

Earlier this year, we interviewed the owners of Restaurant Moment, Rikke and Morten Storm Overgaard. They shared the thoughts behind their sustainability philosophy and told us how they manage to run a restaurant without food waste. You can read the interview right here.

And now to the complete list of the 100 restaurants that are world champions in vegetables!

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