DinnerBooking Multiple restaurants

Multiple Restaurants

Two, three, or many restaurants. Choose a restaurant booking system that can be customised for all venues.

Get an overview of all your restaurants

We’ve made it easy for you to control all of your restaurants in a simple overview in our booking system. With our highly intuitive interface, you can quickly gain insight into guest bookings, text costs, site statistics, and much more. Use it to Optimise your business and drive more sales.

DinnerBooking guest information

Optimise seating and reduce vacant tables

Give guests the possibility to book a table at another of your venues if their preferred option is fully booked. Our system features a drag-and-drop restaurant venue planner that lets you move guests across venues, keeping guests happy and restaurants full.

DinnerBooking table settings

Use your data to increase revenue

Find out how to increase revenue by creating special events in months with fewer bookings and receive instant feedback after a visit. The huge database and reporting tool in our booking system gives you all of the information you need to Optimise the guest journey.

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Discover a better booking system: Free meeting with a consultant

Learn how DinnerBooking can help owners of multiple restaurants improve their booking flow.

An expert from our experienced team will guide you through the booking system and answer all your questions.

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Flexible, reliable, and easy to use

Get all this and more with DinnerBooking’s restaurant booking system. Watch this video to get the facts.

Only pay for a package that suits you

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Modules that can be bought as monthly add-ons to the license package

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"I use DinnerBooking’s enterprise solution with great satisfaction. The system allows me to quickly get an overview of my restaurants, and I can stay up-to-date from both my smartphone and tablet, which means that I save a lot of time in my day-to-day life. DinnerBooking gives me a stable and efficient platform, and they listen to my needs."
Christian owner of AOC
Christian Aarø
Owner of Michelin-restaurant AOC, No. 2 and Trio Copenhagen

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