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Fine Dining

Go for high standards and stellar service. Choose a restaurant booking system made for Fine Dining.

Avoid no-shows

Our booking system ensures that guests show up like clockwork. Optimise your entire guest journey by sending reminders before a booking event, taking care of prepayment, or informing your waitlist of available tables. With just a few clicks, your tables will be occupied again.

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Tailored to your needs

One or multiple restaurants? Restaurants or cafés - or something else? Whatever your concept, our booking system is tailored to your needs. We help you manage even the most advanced setup. Remove the hassle and let our customised booking system do the work.

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Know what your guests want before they arrive

Set up a guest database in our booking platform with information and preferences linked to a specific guest, connect with your restaurants before the guest arrives, and create the best possible experience for them. It’s the best way to retain guests and keep them coming back.

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Automated Online Waiting List

Increase the amount of occupied tables! Give guests the opportunity to put themselves on the waiting list and assign that waiting list a table when one is available. With just a few clicks in DinnerBooking’s booking program, you can communicate with hopeful guests and keep seats full.

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A good guest experience starts online

Nurture your guest relationships even before they visit your restaurant. We’ve created the best guest flow from start to finish in our easy-to-use restaurant booking system. Engage with guests all steps of the way and turn first-timers into regulars in just a few clicks.

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Let's show you how DinnerBooking\'s Fine Dining solutions can improve your restaurant's booking flow.

Our experienced consultants will guide you through one of Europe's best booking systems for fine-dining restaurants.

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Flexible, reliable, and easy to use

Get all this and more with DinnerBooking’s restaurant booking system. Watch this video to get the facts.

Only pay for a package that suits you

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Modules that can be bought as monthly add-ons to the license package

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"I save a lot of time in my day-to-day life. DinnerBooking gives me a stable and efficient platform, and they listen to my needs."
Christian owner of AOC
Christian Aarø
Owner of Michelin-restaurant AOC, No. 2 and Trio Copenhagen

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