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10. May 2023, 6 min read

Take it away with your takeaway

Author: Marie Elbo
Woman grabbing a dumbling with a set of chopsticks

Takeaway food is a convenient way to get food on the table. It helps us avoid having to clean up several kitchen utensils and spend precious time sweating over the stove trying to find that perfect balance between sweet and sour. Essentially, your takeaway food can be a lifesaver to busy families and a big help for people with limited cooking skills. It can even be the main attraction for a special event.

We’ve all been there – those days when we don’t feel like cooking and ordering a tasty takeaway meal becomes simply too tempting. This is just one out of many scenarios where people resort to ordering takeaway food. Learn when your takeaway food can be the centre of attention, and how occasionally offering takeaway food can benefit your business.

5 tasty reasons to offer takeaway

Offering takeaway at your restaurant is good for business in many ways. You can offer takeaways for special events or all the time. Your kitchen, your decision! No matter how you decide to provide takeaway as one of your services, it can benefit your restaurant on several parameters. Here are a few reasons why you should consider offering takeaway to hungry clients:

1) Increase revenue

Avoid having to squeeze in more tables or raise menu prices to increase revenue by offering takeaway food. There’s a great chance that restaurants that offer takeaway for special events or all the time will experience a significant increase in revenue.

2) Greater customer convenience

Maybe your guests are craving your food but are in the mood for a quiet night at home. Or perhaps they’d like some delicious food for the picnic basket or would prefer to avoid having to cook a grandiose feast for the Christmas dinner or the annual Easter lunch. Moreover, it’s a convenient option for guests who would like to avoid having to clean up a trillion pots and pans, decipher complex recipes, and potentially serve a dry roast or undercooked turkey.

3) Reduce food waste

If you want to create special events where guests can pick up your takeaway food, you can sell tickets for the event in advance. This means that you’ll know exactly how much food to buy and when to prepare the meal and have a good idea of how much money you’ll have in your bank account at the end of the month.

4) Brand exposure

Providing takeaway for your guests will result in increased exposure to your restaurant, spreading the word about your tasty food far and wide. Let your guests know through your social media channels that they can now bring home your food for special events or on a daily basis if that’s the case!

5) Analyse the turnover

By looking at the number of takeaway events sold, you can learn if you should repeat the success by creating more similar events! If you’re looking for some inspiration for special takeaway events, you can scroll down for ideas for every month of the year!

Bank holidays and other important days

Are you looking for inspiration on how to get started with your takeaway business? We’ve gathered a list of important days throughout the year when your food can be of great convenience for hungry people and festive events!

Galette de Roi


1st of January: The big hangover day

The flat is filled with confetti, all of the surfaces are sticky, the energy levels are low, the head is spinning, and the stomach is screaming for some tasty, greasy food. Consider creating a takeaway event with a special ‘New Year’s Day hangover survival kit’.

6th of January: Three Kings’ Day

In France, families and friends gather to enjoy a delicious puff pastry with a tasty almond cream filling called ‘Galette de Roi’ throughout the entire month of January. The pastry also contains a small figurine, and whoever gets the piece with it gets to wear a crown.

French restaurants and bakeries can stand out from other places by selling and explaining the tradition of Galette de Roi in January. Don’t forget to share the event on your social media channels! Everybody loves good pastries and learning about fun, unique traditions.


14th of February: Valentine’s Day

Brrr… Baby, it’s cold outside! Offer a special Valentine’s Day takeaway menu for hungry lovebirds that desire to stay at home for the most romantic day of the year.

Lamb for Easter



Easter is one of the most important holidays in many countries, such as Greece where it is just as important as Christmas. It is celebrated around the world and often involves a special Easter meal. Consider offering outstanding food for families, groups of friends, or companies during the popular Easter lunches and dinners.


This time of year, some think of daffodils, cherry blossoms, and longer days as harbingers of spring. However, many would also mention the delicate foods that signal lighter and warmer times are ahead. Offer a special springtime picnic menu featuring the freshest produce of the season, such as white asparagus, caviar, and other must-have foods that mark the season for many.


Eid, the big celebration at the end of Ramadan, is celebrated on the first day of the tenth month in the Islamic calendar. In 2023, the big Eid celebration took place on the 22nd of April. Next year, in 2024, it’ll be celebrated on the 10th of April. Perhaps some families need help with some of the elements for the sumptuous Eid table.


Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

Parents’ appreciation days! Many people search for unique gifts to show their parent(s) that they’re loved and appreciated. Let your guests know that they can get a hold of a tasty Mother’s or Father’s Day takeaway menu at your restaurant that they can enjoy as a picnic in the local park or at home for a cosy celebration.


31st of October: Halloween

Trick or treat! The neighbourhood kids are ready to dress up and go door-to-door to ask for sweets. To avoid getting toilet paper in your garden, you can offer a tasty takeaway dinner so they won’t miss out on giving the kids the candy they’re yearning to collect.

Duck for Martinmas Eve


10th of November: Martinmas Eve

Duck or goose is on the menu! At least if you’re in Denmark or Sweden on this particular day. Help out the families who are craving duck and let them enjoy the delicious feast, while they ponder why some are eating duck and not geese, which are the animals that Bishop Martin was hiding among in an attempt to avoid becoming a bishop – but he ended up becoming one anyway since the geese revealed his hiding spot!

Third Thursday of November: Beaujolais Nouveau’s out!

Fall is over, the wines have been bottled, and longer, darker days are ahead of us. Some wines need months, even years to peak in taste. However, the Beaujolais Nouveau from the Beaujolais region in France can make these grey days a bit brighter – and certainly tastier!

Create a special ‘Beaujolais Nouveau’ takeaway menu that complements the wine and ensures that hungry guests have a special dining experience to look forward to in this rather cold, uneventful month!

Christmas food
Photo: Jed Owen


24th of December: Christmas Eve

In some countries, the big Christmas celebration takes place on Christmas Eve. While many people prefer to prepare a home-cooked meal for their family, some would like to avoid spending time grocery shopping and hours in the kitchen. Many restaurants already offer Christmas takeaway options, and guests love them!

25th of December: Christmas Day

In some countries, gifts are opened in the morning, and the main feast takes place during lunch. No matter how or when you celebrate Christmas, the meal is one of the biggest events where family and friends gather to indulge in delicious food. Let your guests know that you can prepare a sumptuous Christmas dinner for them, so they only have to worry about decorating the tree and wrapping presents.

31st of December: New Year’s Eve

In December, people struggle with finding presents for their loved ones and are busy attending various holiday-themed events. Help them out with a splendid meal for the last day of the year and save them time and worry about dishing up a tasty dinner!

Single use forks, spoons, and plates

Consider using biodegradable packaging

If you wish to embark on a greener journey, you should consider replacing the plastic packaging for the food with some biodegradable packaging alternatives.

A 2021 article from The Guardian reveals the tremendous amount of takeaway containers, bottles, and other takeaway packaging that ends up in the world’s oceans. Approximately 80% of the litter in the oceans is plastic, but the scientist behind the study of the world’s oceans was shocked by the percentage of this litter that was from food and beverages. As a restaurateur who offers food to-go, you can make a difference by choosing to wrap your food in biodegradable materials.

Not only is biodegradable packaging better for the planet, but it can also be used for marketing your restaurant! By using biodegradable packaging, you show that your restaurant has taken a step in a greener direction. For instance, you can share the news on your social media channels or on your website. Some guests might just choose your restaurant over another place because of your responsible initiatives.

If you’d like to offer takeaways for special events, you can click here to learn how to set up an event.