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23. October 2023, 4 min read

Help! I’m a vegan: Prioritise guest experience from the get-go 

Author: Jake Juba
Vegan: Guest Experience
Image: DinnerBooking

The food landscape is evolving, and dietary preferences, including veganism, are gaining momentum in Europe. Restaurant owners are right in the thick of this transformation, adapting and embracing change in the quest to provide an exceptional guest experience.

Understanding that the guest journey begins with the booking, it’s not just important but truly essential to cater to your guests’ unique dietary needs. By doing so with care and attention, you don’t just meet their expectations – you create an experience that feels personal, thoughtful, and genuinely memorable.

It’s not just about a meal; it’s about crafting moments that resonate with your guests long after they’ve left your restaurant.

Planting Seeds of Change: Simon’s Story

A living testament to the changing tastes in Europe’s dining scene. He used to be a familiar face in local grill houses, savoring every meaty bite without a second thought. But something changed. Simon, like many others, reevaluated his choices.

It wasn’t just a personal shift; it’s part of a larger movement… Plus Simon subscribes to the Guardian newspaper where he read this:

Vegan diet massively cuts environmental damage

The Guardian

He then dug deeper with Google:

Plant-based alternatives will take over Europe by 2035


And then he found this:

Why Europe is leading the way in plant-based food

The Business Insider

Simon saw a trend, he felt inspired and as a result changed his diet.

Why is Simon’s journey significant? Because he represents a growing number of guests seeking more than just a meal; they seek an experience that aligns with their values.

Prioritise Simon from the get-go.

Your restaurant has a unique opportunity – an opportunity that begins the moment Simon decides to dine with you. It starts with his booking experience. Using a reservation system like DinnerBooking, you can ensure clear communication with your guests from the start. With just a few clicks, you connect with individuals like Simon every step of the way and with features like “booking conditions” you can be specific when catering to their needs.

Get personal with Simon: Use templates

Templates can come in different shapes and sizes, such as email templates, SMS templates, and campign email templates. Ensuring these templates are concise and engaging will undoubtedly set your guests up for a satisfying dining experience.

In the booking confirmation (email template) below, Simon is told: “We’d love to make your dining experience exceptional! Reach out to us 72 hours before your visit, and we’ll happily customise our menu to suit your dietary needs. Your comfort matters to us!”

Booking Confirmation template: A positive guest experience
Image: Dinnerbooking

For guests like Simon, templates are not just messages; they are glimpses into your restaurant’s personality. Clear, consistent templates send a message to your guests about your restaurants expectations. This means you can meet their expectations and ensure a great start to their dining experience.

“Restaurants need to stand out from the crowd, and embrace templates! They serve as the restaurant’s virtual handshake, allowing it to communicate its unique style, ambience, and personality.”

Jonas Erichsen: Head of Support, Dinnerbooking.

Learn how to set-up templates here:

Simon says: Use a guest database

Simon is now seated. You know about his green life-choices and the kitchen is ready to knock out some top quality dairy and meat-free grub.

[Well that wasn’t so hard was it!]

But wait… Simon has been here before. You thought he looked familiar. If only you would have known and then you could have been even more prepared.

Tools such as a guest database, create a valuable link between the guest and the restaurant. This allows you to plan ahead and create the best possible guest experience for your diners.

By gathering details like names, preferences, and special occasions, restaurants can make guests feel like valued individuals, not just another table number. This personal touch creates loyalty and customers like Simon will keep coming back!

Want to learn more about using a guest database?

Get in touch!

Guest database: A positive guest experience
Image: DinnerBooking

Customer Loyalty: Not just another vegan

In this ever-changing dining scene, catering to conscious diners isn’t just essential – it’s an open door for restaurants to thrive. By weaving personalised communication into every booking, using thoughtful templates, and leveraging guest databases, restaurants can kickstart a positive guest experience right from the beginning.

And speaking of positive experiences, Simon left this review:

This is my second visit to your restaurant and WOW – what a top-class service form start to finish! It can be challenging to eat out as a vegan but you always seem to cater to my needs.

– Simon Says

I think he’ll be back.