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30. June 2023, 4 min read

6 months of Finnish gastronomy: Finland’s Best Restaurants 2023

Author: Marie Elbo
Palace Restaurant, Finland
Palace Restaurant
Photo: Palace Restaurant

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, the 50 best restaurants in Finland were announced at Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. The vote was held for the 15th time and one extraordinary restaurant, that recently kept its two world-famous Michelin Star-status, was named the best restaurant in Finland for the fourth consecutive year. Tune in for the complete list of Finland’s best restaurants in 2023 and the highlights of the last six months in Finnish gastronomy.

Finland’s 50 best restaurants in 2023 were announced earlier in the year. Among the 400 voters were restaurateurs, chefs, journalists, and people from the food industry, which are considered the most significant restaurant list in Finland. Together, they concluded the list, which includes restaurants with Michelin Stars, Green Stars, Bib Gourmand and other special titles.

Finnish Cuisine: Nordic gastronomic frontrunners

The Nordic countries have been among the most important culinary trendsetters and Finland’s certainly one of the most influential ones. According to Visit Finland, Finns are known as leaders and innovators when it comes to gastronomy. Finnish cuisine, like its Nordic neighbours, is centred around nature and its elements. In real Finnish cuisine, the ingredients are from local suppliers. They get their fish straight from the Finnish water and fresh produce from the local fields and forests.

Eero Vottonen from Palace Restaurant
Photo: Eero Vottonen

Palace: Best Finnish restaurant for 4th consecutive year

The jury has spoken: Restaurant Palace in Helsinki is once again Finland’s number one restaurant. Restaurant Palace has ranked first place for four years, receiving roughly a third of the votes since they started ranking the restaurants in Finland. It has been a busy couple of months for the two-Michelin Star restaurant. Other than maintaining their two-Michelin Star status in 2023, Eero Vottonen, head chef of Palace, was a part of the tasting jury for Bocuse d’Or 2023, which took place in Lyon back in January.

Bib gourmands and Michelin Green Stars are on the list

Besides being highlighted on the list of Finland’s 50 best restaurants, some also received prestigious awards, the world-famous Michelin Stars and Green Stars. In this year’s Michelin Guide Nordic, Palace, Finland’s best restaurant, maintains its 2-star status. Olo, number 12 on the list, maintained their Michelin Star status and finally, Nolla, number 17 on the list, received both a Bib Gourmand and a Michelin Green Star.

Nolla Restaurant
Photo: Nikola Tomevski

Green Star for Nolla: The North’s first zero-waste restaurant

Nolla, number 17 on the list of Finland’s best restaurants in 2023, received a Michelin Green Star. The Michelin Green Star is awarded to restaurants that are at the forefront of the business when it comes to their sustainable practices. Nolla is undoubtedly among the frontrunners in the efforts towards a more sustainable future in the culinary world.

Other than serving good food, Nolla, which is located in Finland’s capital, Helsinki, is the first zero-waste restaurant in the North. This means that the restaurant operates without trash bags, plastic packaging, no cling film, no vacuum bags, and no foil. Moreover, the menu is carefully created to maximize the use of ingredients. If it so happens that there are leftovers, they’ll be composted in-house. Before doing so, each waste item is weighed and then sent to waste management software to improve Nolla’s everyday practices.

Zero-waste practices are still a rare thing in this line of business. However, the owners, Albert, Carlos, and Luka, hope that it’ll become so normal in the hospitality business that Nolla one day will just be referred to as any other restaurant. But for now, Nolla’s efforts are acknowledged with the Michelin Green Star and it remains a restaurant that can inspire restaurants that wish to embark on the green journey.

Restaurant Savoy
Photo: Restaurant Savoy

Savoy and Cafe Savoy: new titles and awards

Other than appearing on the list of Finland’s best restaurants in 2023, both Savoy and Cafe Savoy also received new titles and awards. The head chef of Savoy, Helena Puolakka, was awarded the title of Professional’s Professional at the March Spring Fair in Helsinki. It’s been her ambition to create experiences that respect the history of Savoy but feel inspiring and relevant in the 2020s. Savoy’s food is Finnish-French, with a slight Russian touch. Café Savoy, which is located in Helsinki, was named the Newcomer of the Year.

Finland’s 50 best restaurants in 2023

1) Palace, Helsinki

2) BasBas, Helsinki

3) Kaskis, Turku

4) Bistro Bardot, Helsinki

5) Vinkkeli, Helsinki

6) Luovuus kukkii kaaoksesta, Helsinki

7) Savoy, Helsinki

8) Grön, Helsinki

9) Café Savoy, Helsinki

10) Alexanderplats, Helsinki

11) Boulevard Bar & Seafood, Helsinki

12) Olo, Helsinki

13) Finnjävel Salonki & Sali, Helsinki

14) Kuurna, Helsinki

15) Muru, Helsinki

16) Bona Fide, Helsinki

17) Nolla, Helsinki

18) Kajo, Tampere

19) Brasa, Helsinki

20) Demo, Helsinki

21) Mami, Turku

22) Smör, Turku

23) Pastis, Helsinki

24) Elm, Helsinki

25) Mat Distrikt, Helsinki

26) SicaPelle, Porvoo

27) Wellamo, Helsinki

28) Ravinteli Huber, Tampere

29) Nokka, Helsinki

30) Paulette, Helsinki

31) Kosmos, Helsinki

32) Albina, Helsinki

33) Hella ja Huone, Tampere

34) Aito, Helsinki

35) Aanaar, Inari

36) Kortteliravintola Ego, Helsinki

37) Kakolanruusu, Turku

38) Vår, Porvoo

39) Fiasco?, Helsinki

40) Bistro O Mat Tapiola, Espoo

41) LiV, Tampere

42) Ravinteli Bertha, Tampere

43) Lily Lee, Helsinki

44) Plein, Helsinki

45) Spis, Turku

46) Apaja, Tampere

47) Roux, Lahti

48) Ragu, Helsinki

49) Paakari, Kangasala

50) Viinibaari Apotek, Helsinki

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