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16. May 2022, 5 min read

Success story: the magic behind Nimb’s popular events

Author: Birgitte Brøndum
A pool at hotel Nimb's roof-top terrace. The water is illuminated and looks green. Copenhagen's skyline is reflected in the surface. A few people are sitting at tables near the pool.
A pool at hotel Nimb's roof-top terrace.
Photo: Nimb

Nimb in the heart of Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens knows exactly what kind of fairy dust it takes to create memorable events. Learn how they do it!

Have you ever embarked on a magical journey to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen? Perhaps you paused to marvel at an enchanting Moorish-style palace adorned with a sophisticated onion dome. This is Nimb, a luxurious boutique hotel and a gastronomic adventure waiting to be discovered. Despite being housed in a building over a century old, Nimb has gracefully adapted to the modern age while maintaining its timeless charm.

Nimb is not just a fairy-tale come to life; it’s Copenhagen’s culinary hotspot in 2022. Here, guests can immerse themselves in an exciting menu featuring sumptuous French cuisine, traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches, innovative vegan delicacies, and imaginative cocktails – each inspired by the whimsical tales of Hans Christian Andersen. This isn’t a special event; it’s just an average day at Nimb.

But the magic doesn’t end there! Nimb also hosts unforgettable events, complete with lively live music performances. Picture savouring crisp bubbles on a rooftop terrace with a panoramic city view, or indulging in an afternoon tea complemented by a grand selection of decadent chocolate delights.

Experience the creativity, passion, and dedication that fuel the success at Nimb, and get inspired to host your own culinary events!

Inside the idea Kitchen: How Nimb cooks up memorable restaurant events

Justina Mørup is Nimb’s Booking and F&B Coordinator. She works closely with Mikkel Ustrup, Senior Director at Tivoli High End. Both are involved in the different steps of event planning at Nimb’s restaurants.  

Nimb’s popular events are the result of trusting ideas. These ideas come from many directions and minds. Sometimes Justina has a good idea for a concept, other times it’s Mikkel, but just as often it’s someone else from one of the Nimb teams.  

We’re not afraid of just jumping into it. Everyone is welcome to share a great idea – Justina Mørup 


Nimb’s event planning starts when someone gets a good idea. The next step is working out all the details and creating a budget. “We’re not afraid of just jumping into it,” says Justina. Together with the team leaders at Nimb’s restaurants, she and Mikkel shape the initial idea into the best possible experience for the guests.  

A night to remember: crafting Nimb’s spellbinding Halloween event

For Halloween, 2021, Nimb created a fantastic evening event with a well-planned program. The evening started in Tivoli’s new haunted house, Villa Vendetta. After having been spooked, in the best possible way, the guests were escorted to Nimb Bar, by the famous pantomime clown, Pierrot. The bar was dressed up for Halloween with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. The food and drinks served for this event were caviar, finger food, cocktails and sweet treats from Nimb’s pastry shop Cakehagen.

While the guests were absorbing the Halloween atmosphere, they enjoyed music by Violin and Piano Touch with Roberta Verna & Viviana Zarah Baudis, a performance by Tivoli Ballet Theatre, more live music, and finally a DJ.

For another, smaller event, one of the bartenders from Nimb Bar, suggested planning an event around the release of his new album. He even composed a cocktail menu to match each album track.

It’s not difficult to understand why Justina sounds excited when talking about Nimb’s events.

A Halloween event at Nimb Bar, Copenhagen, 2021
Photo: Nimb

Our guests expect food and beverages, we want to deliver an experience on top of that – Justina Mørup 

Events make it possible to lead guests into unexplored territories. Most of Nimb’s events have a set menu, and this means a chance for the kitchen to show just how good they are: “It’s very exciting to create something that guests wouldn’t otherwise have chosen or discovered. Our guests pay for food and beverages and expect to leave full, but we want to deliver an experience on top of that, so they also go home with something they didn’t expect,” says Justina.

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A guest-centric approach: The crucial role of guest feedback at Nimb

To exceed guests’ expectations, it’s necessary to know something about how they think, and that’s why guest feedback is so important.  

Nimb often receives feedback from guests on the day of the event. The guests will have a chat with the staff, mainly concerning practical matters such as the acoustics at an event with live music.  

 “We use guest feedback a lot and try to do everything we can to get better, also when it comes to the food,” tells Justina.  

She also brings up online guest reviews as a great way to get valuable event feedback. Being active on social media is another important way to engage with guests.

Creating a buzz: How Nimb leverages social media for event promotion

Nimb uses social media channels to keep guests in the loop before, during and after events. On Facebook and Instagram, they’re being loud and proud about their Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire, Nimb Nights with live music and many other events.  

Our Content Manager shares live stories on Instagram – Justina Mørup 

“During events, our Content Manager shares live stories on Instagram. We use these to show what we’re doing at Nimb and they also work as teasers for upcoming events. We always make sure to mention when our guests can experience similar events in the future. That way they’re able to attend an event they might have missed out on,” explains Justina.   

Halloween event with Alice in Wonderland theme at Nimb Bar, Tivoli, Copenhagen.
Photo: Nimb

Triumphing over trial and error: How Nimb transformed challenges into event success

But it’s not only on social media Nimb’s events are getting attention. It turns out that being innovative when the world is turned upside down really pays off.  

During the pandemic, restrictions forced Nimb’s teams to be even more creative and innovative. All the brainstorming was rewarded when their rooftop events were nominated for The City’s Best Experience 2021 in the Danish newspaper Berlingske. 

Difficult times have their silver linings, and the same can be said about the times when things don’t go exactly as planned.  

Your event might not be a success the first time. Trust the process – Justina Mørup. 

Not all events are a success the first time, but this doesn’t stop Nimb. They pinpoint flaws to find out how they can do better next time.  

If you’re considering arranging events at your restaurant, Justina’s best advice is to just throw yourself into it:  

“You need to be prepared that your event might not be a big success the first time around. Be patient while building the concept. Trust the process, listen to your guests and adjust next time.”  

Nimb’s recipe for event success: Are you ready to create your own?

There’s much to learn from Nimb’s way of planning restaurant events 

Being open to restaurant event ideas coming from all directions is the magic fairy dust and so is engaging with guests in as many ways as possible. Your first event might be a diamond in the rough but as Justina says, “trust the process,” and give your concept time to find its true and shimmering form!  

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