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17. November 2023,

Restaurant Marketing Magic: 5 Last-Minute Festive Tips

Author: Jake Juba
Restaurant Marketing
Restaurant Marketing
Created by DinnerBooking

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and for restaurant owners and managers, it’s also the season to seize every opportunity to make the most out of some last-minute restaurant marketing.

Here in Copenhagen, Hotel d’Angleterre sets the stage every year with an impressive Christmas display. And guess what? They’re not just stopping there; they’re offering a New Year’s menu to go. Talk about planning ahead!

But let’s face it, life doesn’t always play by the rules, and neither does Christmas. It has a way of sneaking up on us, just like that distant relative who arrives unannounced…

So, here’s an early gift from us at DinnerBooking, wrapped up with a sprinkle of holiday cheer. Let’s jump into some last-minute marketing magic for your restaurant:

1. Countdown Campaigns: Stirring Up Anticipation

Countdown campaigns are a great way for your restaurant to build excitement for upcoming holiday events. Using social media to share sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes snapshots, and bite-sized content gives everyone a taste of what’s to come.

It’s not just about the food; it’s about building anticipation and making people feel connected to the vibe. By doing this in the days leading up to the event, you can create a buzz that goes beyond your restaurant, getting more people excited and eager to join in!

In the example below I have created a GIF for my mock-up restaurant Jake’s Steaks. It took me 5 minutes – imagine what you could do.

Restaurant Marketing
Created by DinnerBooking

Top Tip: Canva is an excellent user-friendly tool for content creation, with graphics, videos, and much more. Plus, you can sign up for free…

2. #FestiveFlair: Spice Up Your Social Presence

Spice up your events with creative hashtags, adding a festive flair. Encourage guests to use them when sharing their experiences. It’s a fun way to build community, increase visibility, and effectively turn your guests into ambassadors of your brand. Their posts become a dynamic, organic form of advertising, showcasing your restaurant from the unique perspectives of those who enjoy it.

Check out these festive hashtags for Jake’s Steaks:

My restaurant has a bit of a rock theme, so I think #JingleSteakRock works best.

3. Email Campaigns: Engage and Celebrate

Use your email list to send out targeted campaigns about your holiday events. Highlight special menus, potential entertainment, and exclusive offers for early birds (if you feel like giving this year). Your email should not just inform but also create excitement, making recipients eager to be part of your festive celebrations.

Remember: The subject line is your email’s first impression. Craft engaging subject lines that create curiosity and encourage recipients to open your email.


Top Tip: Try using emojis, creating a sense of urgency, or adding a personal touch to grab people’s attention.

4. SMS Marketing: Santa’s Secret Weapon

Okay, this is a bit of a less joyous sounding one… But SMS marketing emerges as Santa’s secret weapon, engaging your guest base swiftly and effectively.

By sending out targeted SMS messages, you not only grab their attention but also create a direct line of communication that can spur quick action and reservations for your holiday events. Excite your guests with exclusive promotions delivered straight to their mobile devices. Whether it’s a special discount, a complimentary festive treat, or a limited-time offer, make them feel like VIPs with promotions they can’t resist.

Add a personal touch to your SMS messages by incorporating the recipient’s name and tailor-made content:

Restaurant Marketing
Created by DinnerBooking

5. Gift Card Promotions: Spread Joy and Boost Business

As the festive spirit sweeps through the air, it’s time to embrace the season of giving in a way that not only spreads joy but also boosts your restaurant.

Gift cards aren’t just tokens of the present; they’re tickets to future visits.

You not only encourage immediate purchases but also future engagement. Guests will be more inclined to revisit your establishment to redeem their gift cards, creating an ongoing relationship beyond the holiday season.

At DinnerBooking, all our restaurants are part of our extensive guest-user platform, DinnerBooking.com, with the option to choose to be part of a gift card community. This not only saves them time, but also gives restaurants the opportunity to be booked by thousands of hungry guests. Now, there’s an idea!!

A Dash of Restaurant Marketing Magic

Consider these easy-to-implement ideas as ways to increase your restaurant’s last-minute marketing efforts this holiday season. It’s not an overwhelming list, just a handful of practical approaches that can add a touch of holiday magic to your promotional strategy.

Let last-minute marketing feel less like a task and more like a holiday adventure for your restaurant, helping you create a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps guests coming back for more festive joy!

If you are looking for more festive inspiration, check out these 14 jolly ideas to get your restaurant ready for Christmas.