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29. August 2022, 2 min read

Byens Bedste 2022: Copenhagen’s best culinary spots!

Author: Birgitte Brøndum
Nyhavn in Copenhagen on a sunny day with blue sky and only a few clouds.
Nyhavn in Copenhagen on a sunny day with blue sky and only a few clouds.
Photo: Copenhagen

Friday, August 26, the Danish newspaper Berlingske revealed the winners of Byens Bedste 2022. Byens Bedste, which translates to Best in Town, is a yearly occurring selection of Copenhagen’s best cultural and gastronomic experiences.

From 75 nominees, voted for by readers, the Berlingske jury selected 15 extraordinary winners who all contribute to Copenhagen’s vibrant cultural scene and foodie-inviting atmosphere. 

Among the culinary winners are three restaurants, a gourmet burger joint, a tiny wine bar and a birdy-named bakery. Very different places that have one thing in common — they all treat the tastebuds of Copenhagen locals and tourists to something extra special before and after they explore galleries, enjoy theatre plays and find literary gems on well-stocked bookstore shelves. 

Here are the culinary winners of Byens Bedste 2022 

Best restaurant

Tables at Restaurant Levi in Copenhagen- Winner of Byens Bedste  2022 - Best restaurant.
Photo: Restaurant Levi


At Levi they remove every trace of doubt from the minds of guests who didn’t think a fusion between the Italian and the Japanese kitchen was a good idea. Restaurant Levi, at Ny Østergade in the heart of central Copenhagen, opened in March this year. The restaurant’s head chef, Andrea Calducci, conjure up uniquely delicious flavour combinations by pairing classic Italian dishes like arancini (fried risotto balls) with wagyu beef and by filling Japanese dumplings with Italian sausage. The guest’s food journey is accompanied by wines from Levi’s big wine cellar, handpicked by some of the industry’s best sommeliers. 

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Best bistro

Ristorante Circolo in Copenhagen. Winner of Byens Bedste - Best Bistro 2022.
Photo: Ristorante Circolo


Ristorante Circolo on Gl. Kongevej is the sister restaurant of Vesterbro restaurant MANGIA. In Circolo’s kitchen the focus is on dishes from central Italy’s sunny Tuscany region. In fact, four of the restaurant’s chefs come from Tuscany’s capital Florence. On the menu is Tuscan pappardelle with seasonal game ragù, pasta dishes with seafood and local specialities such as the dry-cured salami, soppressata made with meat from organic, free-range pigs. The fish of the day, shellfish, vegetables, and bistecca are sizzling away on Circolo’s charcoal grill where they are prepared from moment to moment as the guests’ orders come in. 

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Best Danish open-faced sandwiches  

Tables inside Restaurant Palægade in Copenhagen. Winner of Byens Bedste 2022 - Best Danish Open-faced sandwiches.
Photo: Restaurant Palægade

Restaurant Palægade 

Palægade serves classic, Danish open-faced sandwiches with creative twists and innovative details such as flame-grilled Norwegian herring topped with egg cream, green peas, cucumber and pickled onion rings. Stjerneskuddet (the shooting star) a famous luxury classic among Danish open-faced sandwiches, traditionally made with steamed plaice, has at Palægade been upgraded with turbot and topped with baerii caviar. Behind the restaurant is Kristian Arpe-Møller og Rune Amgild Jochumsen, known for their success with the restaurants Formel B and Uformel in Copenhagen and Restaurant Sletten in Humlebæk. 

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Best Burger 

Gasoline Grill 

Gasoline Grill serves gourmet burgers in eight different locations in Copenhagen. Their concept is simple with a focus on quality ingredients such as freshly ground organic meat and homemade burger buns where potato gives the crumb a spongier texture. The original burger with beef is the main attraction at Gasoline, but guests can also bite into the chicken and veggie burgers on the menu. 

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Best Bar 

Nr. 30 

With their only 40 square meters, housed in an old butcher store, Nr. 30 is one of Copenhagen’s smallest wine bars. The place offers an abundant and curated selection of natural wines as well as conventionally produced wines at good prices. The food on the menu is modern and characterized by ingredients that match the season.  

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Best bakery

Flere Fugle 

Flere Fugle is located in a backyard in a semi-industrial area on Rentemestervej in Copenhagen’s north-west quarter. They’re exceptionally skilled at baked goods such as crunchy sourdough bread, dark rye bread and nut croissants. A cosy hangout spot, with a name that translates to “more birds” as a hint to their sister cafe with the name Café Fovl. At Flere Fugle guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as events and concerts. 

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