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8. November 2023, 3 min read

Bib Gourmand: 32 Nordic restaurants that hit the sweet spot

Author: Jake Juba
Bib Gourmand
Photo by Getty Images

If you’ve ever explored our blog, you know we are keen followers of the Michelin Guide, especially when it comes to those restaurants striving for the sort-after stars. But a star isn’t everything… 

Ever heard of a “Bib” restaurant? 

Picture this: a delightful, simpler style of cooking that leaves you utterly satisfied, all at a price that won’t break the bank. That’s what Bib Gourmand awards celebrate – and we think they’re definitely worth shouting about! 

How do you qualify for a “Bib”? 

In Michelin’s own words:

“There’s no set formula for a “Bib” restaurant – they are all unique and can vary greatly from one place to the next.” 

However, the criteria is based on two factors:

I think my restaurant qualifies – what now?

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing when a Michelin inspector might appear at your doorstep. In the pursuit of Michelin accreditations, restaurant inspectors operate incognito, not accepting any complimentary perks and covering their own expenses to guarantee unbiased and fair evaluations.

“The inspector behaves like a typical customer, so readers will subsequently have the same experience as he or she did.”

Michelin Guide

Just keep up the good work, be alert for any unusual guests, serve them well, and who knows? One day, your restaurant might make it to the Michelin list!

It’s not all about awards… 

We are well aware that a fantastic dining experience doesn’t solely rely on awards. Your restaurant doesn’t need a certificate to prove its excellence. But there’s something special happening in the Nordics! We’re talking about innovative flavors, creative chefs, and top-quality dining experiences. 

In no order, here are the:

32 restaurants in the Nordics that have been awarded this year’s Bib Gourmand





At DinnerBooking, we take pride in partnering with several restaurants on this list. These restaurants, located in various corners of the Nordic region, each possess a unique identity and are consistently dedicated to delivering high-quality, affordable dining experiences. 

Could your restaurant be next?

You can see all restaurants that have received the Bib Gourmand via the Michelin website: