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5. October 2023, 6 min read

Digital Day: Copenhagen’s Restaurants Byte into the Future! 

Author: Jake Juba
Digital Day
Photo by DinnerBooking

Denmark’s capital boasts an internationally acclaimed restaurant scene. So, when 150 industry players meet for the first ever Digital Day conference, what’s on the agenda? The hot-button topic of restaurant digitalisation. 

Digital Day: More than just an event

Digital Day is a landmark event for data in the Danish Restaurant Industry. In a world where digital transformation is more than just a buzzword, the industry realises the importance of collective effort. This isn’t just another conference; it’s a collaborative hub.

In Østerbro’s stylish Madklubben restaurant, industry professionals eagerly wait for the first speaker to take the stage.

The chairs are set and coffee is sipped.

Digital Day: Conference Room
Photo by DinnerBooking

Kicking off the digital discussion 

As things get under way, the participants are warmly welcomed, and the day’s agenda mapped out. With talks ranging from industry insights and digital projects to discussions on payment data and the role of industry organisations in digital transformation.  

Attendees can engage in networking breaks and panel debates, making it a comprehensive event aimed at nurturing collaboration and understanding within the digital universe of the restaurant and tourism industries.

The importance of accurate data management 

Morten Tranholm, the Principal Innovation & Technology Consultant at NTT DATA, gave a very insightful talk at the event. He discussed data sharing between restaurants and pointed out that there isn’t enough data to track restaurant no-shows effectively. This highlights an important point for the industry: the need for careful and accurate data management.

Handling data correctly isn’t just about understanding current challenges. It also lets companies find and fix ongoing problems, like the issue of no-shows. Restaurants need to realise how important they are in this process. By improving how they manage data, they can help bring in new solutions that address these challenges.

Digital Day: The Golden Hall
Photo by DinnerBooking

Digital networking 

Beyond the primary conference space, you’ll find the Golden Hall. Decked out with various booths, this zone facilitates rich networking experiences. Here, restaurants and businesses can dive into the specifics of each company, gaining insights into their services and the advantages of cross-platform integrations.

DinnerBooking’s takes a stand with friends 

DinnerBooking set up shop alongside some of its partners Samesystem and Online POS. The push towards closer partnerships and API-centric integrations is evident across the restaurant industry.

Connecting with modern restaurant technology, such as point-of-sale systems, booking systems, and management solutions, simplifies operations, reduces manual tasks, and significantly boosts overall efficiency. This not only benefits restaurant owners but also enhances the customer experience.

Digital Day: Partners
Photo by DinnerBooking

Debating the Future of Tech Industry 

Back in the conference room, our very own Peter Thygsen takes the stage for a panel discussion on how to share data between tech suppliers via APIs. The panel considers whether the industry will split into two groups in the future: those who proactively and effectively handle data, and those who do not. Is the industry mentally ready to cope with data in a proactive and structured way?

During the debate, the audience was asked about their digital transformation budget, and only 10-15% responded affirmatively. The panel agreed that data sharing across IT systems is important, but had questions about who should create and pay for API integrations. The panel also contemplated whether the industry would divide into two groups in the future: those embracing data and those staying analog.

During the discussion, participants also explored the potential for data overload, with most of them concurring that data holds value when you allocate resources and effort to it. With this in mind, it is clear that success stories can drive digital adoption in the industry.

Industry Proffessionals
Photo by DinnerBooking

Vision for a digital dining future 

At DinnerBooking, we are proud to be one of the main sponsors of this event. As a restaurant booking system, digitalisation is a core focus of our work. We are committed to actively advancing the digital industry because forward-thinking initiatives like these will shape the future of our sector.

Digital Day was an inspiring testament to the restaurant industry’s dedication to innovation and progress. It brought together restaurant professionals who share a common belief in the transformative potential of digitalisation for the future of dining. DinnerBooking actively aims to lead in restaurant digitalisation, positioning itself to shape a future where dining experiences prioritise efficiency, quality, and innovation.

Together, we are crafting a new chapter where we embrace digital practices for the better.