Online Guest Reviews

Online Guest Reviews

When you use DinnerBooking's booking system, you receive feedback and reviews from guests. These guest reviews provide valuable insights into how guests perceive your restaurant's food and service.

Additionally, they can improve your restaurant's search ranking on Google, making it easier for guests to discover your establishment online. And finally, positive feedback from happy guests can be a great source of motivation for you and your colleagues!

Online guest reviews are free marketing

Online guest reviews are a valuable tool for restaurants looking to improve and attract more customers. When choosing between a restaurant with reviews and one without, most guests will opt for the one with reviews.

The reviews provide insight into what guests can expect when visiting a restaurant and are often considered more valuable by potential guests than reviews from professional food critics. Online guest reviews can be considered a kind of free marketing for a restaurant.

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Guests can only review restaurants after a visit

After guests have visited a restaurant, they will receive a request for feedback on their visit. They can rate the food, service, atmosphere, overall experience, and value for money, with a final average rating shown as 1-6 stars.

In addition to providing star ratings, guests can also leave a written review of their dining experience on These written reviews can greatly benefit your restaurant as they offer specific feedback that can make it stand out online.

5 stars review
I had an amazing experience. My family and I felt welcome at the restaurant during the entire visit.

Reviewed by John 15 January
John visited Restaurant 14 January 2023

5 stars review
A Christmas lunch we won’t forget, thank you! Excellent service and delicious food. Loved the cocktails as well.

Reviewed by Petra 26 December 2022
Petra visited Restaurant 25 December 2022

Values of online guest reviews

  • Brand reputation: Positive reviews strengthen your brand.
  • Valuable feedback: Can help you make improvements and stand out from the competition.
  • Team motivation: Good reviews boost motivation and encourage your team to provide even better service.
  • Higher ranking: Online reviews can also help your restaurant rank higher on search engines like Google, making it easier for new guests to find you.
Online Guest Reviews
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