Text Messages

Text Messages

Text messaging is an effective way to communicate with your restaurant guests and improve their overall experience. With DinnerBooking's restaurant booking system, you can easily integrate text messaging into your existing communication channels.

We've created a system that lets you create unique message templates that match your brand and strengthen your relationship with the guests at every part of the booking journey!

Send personalised messages in different languages

Do you want to communicate with your guests in a personal and friendly way that matches your restaurant's tone of voice? Our booking system allows you to personalise text message templates according to your preferences at any time.

Although it may seem like a small detail, a text message can have a significant impact on how guests perceive your restaurant throughout the booking process. You can also send messages in different languages, which can make guests from diverse backgrounds feel even more welcome.

Send text messages via your booking system

4 ways text messages can benefit your restaurant

  • Instant Communication: Guests will receive your messages fast no matter where they are.
  • Personalised Messages: Add your own unique touch to the message templates.
  • Increased Engagement: Stay in touch with your guests throughout the booking journey.
  • Better Customer Service: You provide better customer service with less effort.
Personalise your booking confirmations

This is what you can do with text messages:

  • Send booking confirmations to your guests.
  • Ask your guests to reconfirm a booking.
  • Confirm changes made to a booking.
  • Send a text message if a booking has been deleted.
Send text message updates to your guests
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