Internal Order System

Internal Order System

Our Internal Order System streamlines your restaurant's booking process by allowing you to add group packages and menus effortlessly. With just a few clicks in the booking system, you can easily manage group bookings and provide your waiters with an overview of all the necessary information.

This not only saves you time but also eliminates the need to repeatedly input the same data. By automating this process, you can use your time on more important things!


  • Easy and fast creation of function sheets.
  • Easily manage larger groups such as weddings and confirmations.
  • Group packages only need to be created one time. After this, you can add a group package to a booking with a single click.
  • See and print function sheets with your restaurant note, and selected orders for kitchen and waiters.
Internal Order System Values

Available on these DinnerBooking plans


Is the internal order system supported on different devices?

Yes, the internal order system can be used on desktop, web, tablets and smartphones.

Can I edit the price of the added menus and group packages?

Yes! You can always edit the price if you need to.

Is it possible to print the internal orders?

Of course! You can print entire bookings or internal orders only. You can also save them as PDF.

A few easy steps

Internal Order System Step 1

1. Enable internal orders in settings.

Internal Order System Step 2

2. Create product categories such as group packages and meetings.

Internal Order System Step 3

3. Add your products, such as menus, courses and add-ons.

Now you’re ready to use internal orders!

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