Gift Cards

Gift Cards

With gift cards you can increase your restaurant's revenue and attract new guests. Dining experiences are popular gifts for Christmas, birthdays and many other occasions. They're a perfect option for those looking to give the gift of a memorable meal.

Moreover, restaurant gift cards can be a great way for a company to show appreciation to employees or reward loyal customers. By accepting gift cards, your restaurant can tap into the gift card market and attract new guests while providing a convenient and thoughtful option for gift-giving.

Two different gift card solutions

DinnerBooking offers two different gift card solutions. The first gift card solution is restaurant-specific gift cards, which are sold directly on a restaurant's website.

The second solution is a DinnerBooking gift card that guests can purchase on our guest platform.

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Restaurant-specific gift cards

DinnerBooking’s restaurant specific gift cards are gift cards that can only be used at one restaurant. These gift cards can help you increase revenue and guest loyalty.

By offering gift cards, you are providing a convenient option for guests to give appetising dining experiences to their loved ones. This is a great way to attract new guests who may not have heard of your restaurant before, as well as encourage existing guests to return.

Guests can sign up from the booking flow

Sell gift cards on your restaurant’s website

All you need to do to start offering gift cards on your website is to contact our customer support team. We will provide you with a unique link that you can place on your website, allowing guests to easily buy your gift cards online.

Guests can use the gift cards in your restaurant or as payment for event tickets for your restaurant's events. This means that you can promote your events and attract even more guests with the added bonus of being able to use their gift cards towards ticket purchases.

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The DinnerBooking gift card

Guests can use these gift cards at any restaurant that has agreed to accept them, as well as when buying restaurant event tickets sold on

This option offers a great way for guests to explore and dine at various restaurants, giving them the freedom to choose from a wide selection. This gift card makes it more attractive for guests to try a new restaurant and increases your chances of being discovered by new guests!

The DinnerBooking gift card

Redeeming gift cards is fast and easy

When guests wish to use their gift cards as payment, we’ve made sure it’s fast and easy for you and your restaurant staff to redeem them through our booking system.

You simply enter the code from the gift card together with the amount spent by the guest and click ‘mark as used’. That’s it!

This ensures a seamless process for both you and your guests. The redeeming process is the same for DinnerBooking gift cards and restaurant-specific gift cards.

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When and how do I receive payment for redeemed gift cards?

Every Monday, we settle the balance and send your payments for gift cards redeemed at your restaurant. The payments are sent together with your other credits and invoices.

Can DinnerBooking gift cards be used in my restaurant?

Yes, if you decide to accept them.

Can restaurant specific gift cards be used as payment for my event?

Yes, guests can use the gift cards when buying your event tickets online.

How do I start selling gift cards for my restaurant?

If you’re using DinnerBooking’s booking system you can contact our support team. They’ll send you a unique gift card link!

What’s the difference between DinnerBooking gift cards and restaurant specific gift cards?

DinnerBooking gift cards can be used at all DinnerBooking restaurants that have decided to accept them. Your restaurant-specific gift cards can only be used at your restaurant and for your restaurant events.

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