Restaurant events are complete dining experiences that your guests will remember for a long time. Create events to make your restaurant stand out in the crowd.

Be the place your guests think about when they want to enjoy delicious food and drink combined with unique surprises. No matter the size and concept of your restaurant, events can boost your business and help you get more bookings!

Good reasons to host events

  • Prepayment: your guests will buy tickets in advance
  • Expand your customer base: great events attract new customers
  • Effective marketing content: share your events before, during and after they take place
  • Fill more tables at non-peak times: arrange events at times when you're not busy enough
  • Your restaurant remains relevant: you're offering something new and interesting
  • Reduce food waste: it's easier to plan amounts when you know how many tickets you've sold
Reasons to host events

A simple process to boost your profit


1. Brainstorming

Get you team together and come up with great ideas. Find the best way to create an event that matches your restaurant's concepts.


2. Planning

Start planning your event. Decide on a budget, how to carry out your creative ideas, and find a suitable date.

If your event is simply a special menu package, decide which food and drink it should include.

Contact DinnerBooking

3. Contact DinnerBooking

We'll help you with everything. You fill out a form with all your event information, and then we take it from there, so you can focus on other things.

Start selling tickets

4. Start selling tickets

The tickets are sold via our website. You'll get a unique link to share on your website and social media platforms.

Remember to be loud and proud about your event!

Successful restaurant events

Many of our customers have had great success hosting everything from Halloween events to high tea and live jazz evenings with set menus.

Explore current restaurant events here, get inspired, and create your own unique events!

Successful restaurant events

Get 9 tips to get you started

Your events should be uniquely yours. You decide how big or small they need to be. Events can be menu packages or grand Halloween parties, it's all up to you.

To give you the best possible start, we've created a whitepaper with 9 event tips — click here to download it for free!

Tips to get you started

How the event fee works

There’s a small admin fee for event tickets.

You decide where to place it:

Fee on ticket price

— the guest is charged

Fee on invoice

— the restaurant is charged

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