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Conflicting Bookings

Conflicting Bookings is one of our best system features! It allows you to see if guests have made bookings at other DinnerBooking restaurants at a date and time that conflicts with their booking at your restaurant.

Using Conflicting Bookings can help you reduce no-shows, save money and boost profit directly via your restaurant booking system.


  • Fewer no-shows
  • Reduced food waste
  • Easier and smoother planning
  • You can invite guests to reschedule
  • More committed guests
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Reduce no-shows with Conflicting Bookings

We developed conflicting bookings to help you reduce no-shows. When a guest doesn't show up after booking a table, the result is often lost profit. Moreover, no-shows can disrupt your restaurant's workflow and leave you with empty tables.

Sometimes a no-show is the result of a double-booking. In other words, a guest that has booked a table at more than one restaurant for the same date and time.

DinnerBooking's feature, Conflicting Bookings, protects your restaurant from this situation. You will be notified in advance, so you can ask the guest to reconfirm their booking.

Conflicting Bookings & Prepayment — a profit-boosting combo!

DinnerBooking’s Prepayment solution lets you ask guests to pay a deposit or part of a menu already when they book. Guests who have paid in advance are less likely to become no-shows.

When you combine Conflicting Bookings and Prepayment you can eliminate many of the no-shows your restaurant is experiencing today — a solution combo for profit!

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