Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions provide you with a range of valuable and flexible options when using our booking system.

By creating conditions that guests need to accept before completing their table booking, you can ensure a personalised and efficient experience for your guests and your restaurant team.

What are booking conditions?

Booking conditions let you decide on a set of conditions that guests need to accept before completing their table booking.

These conditions can be in the form of a message, further information, selecting options such as menu preferences, or simply accepting the conditions to secure their reservation.

What are booking conditions

This is how your restaurant can use booking conditions

Booking conditions can be used in a myriad of ways to cater to the specific needs of different restaurants and their guests. Here are some examples of how booking conditions can be used:

  • Seating preferences: Informing diners about available seating options and table availability for specific times.
  • Dietary requirements: Prompting guests to indicate any food allergies or dietary restrictions prior to booking.
  • Group size: Allowing guests to specify the number of diners, including children, and whether a highchair is required.
  • Accessibility: Gathering information about any accessibility requirements, such as wheelchair ramps or other accommodations.

Please let us know if any guests in your party require wheelchair accessibility by indicating the number of guests who use wheelchairs.


Do we need to accommodate any dietary requirements or food allergies?

If any, please specify the type of allergy

Please select where you prefer to sit:

Rooftop terrasse
Dining room

Please note that your table is booked from 18:30 to 20:30. We kindly ask that you vacate the table at the end of your booking so that our next guests can be seated. You're welcome to continue your evening with a drink in our bar or lounge.


Booking conditions tailored to your restaurant's concept

With DinnerBooking's booking conditions, you can collect important information from guests to Optimise your restaurant's planning and resources.

By requesting essential details upfront, such as allergies, seating preferences, and accessibility requirements, you can reduce errors and misunderstandings, ensuring that your guests feel heard and welcome in your restaurant.

Our support team is always available to help you tailor the booking conditions to meet the specific needs of your restaurant.

Booking conditions tailored to your restaurant's concept
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