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Booking Concepts

Booking Concepts is a feature in our booking system that enables guests to extend their booking beyond your restaurant's standard length. It also allows you to give guests various set menus to choose from when they're booking a table online.

When paired with Prepayment, Booking Concepts can help you reduce no‑shows, streamline operations, and limit food waste.

A better overview for you and your guests

Booking Concepts improve the booking experience for both you and your guests by providing a clear overview of your restaurant's offerings on a specific date. It also allows guests to customise their dining experience by choosing from various menu options.

Moreover, the function helps establish a connection between your restaurant and the guests before they even arrive. Additionally, Booking Concepts make it easy for you and your staff to plan the day as you can see what the guests have ordered and how long they plan to stay.

DinnerDays – Lunch

Starter: Salmon on rye with chilli mayo
Main: Chicken with kimchi and sesame
Dessert: Rhubarb crumble with frozen yoghurt
Price: 245, - per person

DinnerDays – Dinner

Starter: Salmon on rye with chilli mayo
Main: Roasted beef fillet with Jerusalem artichokes
Dessert: Chocolate cake with pickled oranges
Price: 245, - per person

Small theatre menu 350, -
Easter menu 450, -
3-course seasonal menu 400, -
1.5 hours
2 hours
All evening
3 courses: 375, -
4 courses 575, -
7 course 660, -
Decide when you arrive

Values of Booking Concepts

  • You can sell your tables multiple times in one evening
  • You will know what guests want before they even arrive
  • It will be easier for your kitchen to plan and prepare
  • Guests who order a larger menu will be assigned more time
  • You can remind guests about upcoming events
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Can I have different setups for different restaurant areas?

Yes! If your restaurant has different areas, such as the bar area and the restaurant, you can create Booking Concepts that only apply to some areas.

Can I set up different Booking Concepts for different periods?

Yes! You can set up Booking Concepts that are active on specific days or for a customisable period, such as a week or longer.

Can I combine Booking Concepts and Prepayment?

Yes! If you offer a special menu and wish guests to pay for it in advance you can link a prepayment setup to your Booking Concepts. This is typically used as an alternative to creating an event.

Can I add a text that will be shown to guests when they book?

Yes! If there’s something you want guests to know before they book, you can add a text that will be displayed in the booking window.

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