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Desktop, browser, or mobile device? DinnerBooking offers a seamless experience - no matter the application. Choose your preferred device and connect with guests today!

Increase your restaurant's revenue

Restaurants like yours saw a 35%+ revenue increase after choosing DinnerBooking. We helped them manage the capacity with the push of a button, they got their seats filled in return. Here’s how:

  • Streamline all of your operations to work smarter
  • Send email and text notifications to your visitors to avoid no-shows
  • Increase your table occupation rate

Create relationships that last

Understand your guests and provide the best restaurant experience that matches their needs:

  • Create guest profiles, view order history, menu preferences, allergies, etc.
  • Use direct communication channels to reach your guests
  • Create remarketing campaigns to keep guests coming back

Enjoy full customization

DinnerBooking is a restaurant system that can fully adjust to your unique restaurant setup:

  • Take full control of the look and feel of your guest journey
  • Customize the booking length for different parts of the day
  • Match your restaurant table setup and fill your seats in a preferred order

Show your restaurant to thousands of potential guests

Join us and become a part of a DinnerBooking community. Get the toolkit you need to showcase your restaurant and events:

  • Attract new guests every month
  • Create and sell tickets to special events such as wine tastings, Valentine’s, and more
  • Sell gift cards and promote loyalty
Fine Dining
Increase your revenue by avoiding no-shows, creating an online waiting list, and customizing your booking flow to match your restaurant's concept.
Single Restaurant
Attract more guests by providing your visitors with a hassle-free booking experience, personalized reminders, and targeted communication.
Multiple Restaurants
Enjoy an easy booking overview across your restaurants, rely on outstanding support from our experts, use data to create an unforgettable guest experience.

World's best-in-class restaurants already trust DinnerBooking

With more than 17 years of experience, DinnerBooking is a serious and professional partner.

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"We highly appreciate DinnerBooking's enormous effort in being better and better every day. Their support team is helpful and quick. Talking to real people who know what they are doing is unique in this industry, especially compared to other service providers."
Gergely Báthory
Owner of Laurel, Budapest
"DinnerBooking has given our revenue a huge boost. By optimizing our seatings alone, we have gained 10% extra guests in our restaurant."
Juliette Noyons Rasmussen
Owner of Schønnemann
"I am extremely pleased that DinnerBooking has good know-how in what a restaurant really needs. If there is anything that needs to be fixed, their fast and helpful customer service helps you out instantly."
Sasu Laukkonen
Chef and Partner at HTS Restaurants Ab / ORA Restaurant
"I use DinnerBooking’s enterprise solution with great satisfaction. The system allows me to quickly get an overview of my restaurants, and I can stay up-to-date from both my smartphone and tablet, which means that I save a lot of time in my day-to-day life. DinnerBooking gives me a stable and efficient platform, and they listen to my needs."
Christian Aarø
Owner of Michelin-restaurant AOC, No. 2 and Trio Copenhagen
"At Sokkelund, we have many guests every day, and it, therefore, means a lot to us that DinnerBooking can help optimize our schedule, capacity, and guest flow. Ever since we started using DinnerBooking, our revenue has increased significantly."
Martin Hildebrandt
Owner of Sokkelund Café & Brasserie Copenhagen
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