White Guide Denmark 2018: The winners

Photo: Geranium. Geranium has been voted Denmark’s best restaurant in the White Guide 2018

The winners of the year’s prizes in the White Guide 2018 were revealed yesterday. Get an overview of who won the prices.

Yesterday this year’s White Guide was launched at the Opera in Copenhagen. It was celebrated with a grand award show in order to honor the best Danish Restaurants of the Year. We give you an overview of who won the prestigious prizes.

First of all, White Guide appoints the best fine dining restaurants in Denmark. The top 10 restaurants in Denmark are:

Denmark’s top 10 restaurants:

1. Geranium, København

2. Koks, Kirkjubøur, Færøerme

3. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, København

4. Restaurant AOC, København & Søllerød Kro, Holte

6. Atelier 85, Kvistgård

7. Slotskøkkenet på Dragsholm Slot, Hørve & Studio, København

9. Restaurant Koch, Aarhus

10. Hotel Frederiksminde, Præstø

In addition, prices were awarded in a number of other categories. See the winners here:

The Winners of the White Guide Denmark Awards:

New Restaurant of the Year:

Nominees: Atelier 85, Restaurant Barr, Restaurant Jordnær

Winner: Atelier 85

Innovator of the Year:

Nominees: Gemyse, Ræst, Veve

Winner: VeVe

Service Experience of the Year:

Nominees: Dragsholm Slot, Stammershalle Badehotel, Søllerød Kro

Winner: Søllerød Kro

Wine Experience of the Year:

Nominees: Ancestrale, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Nærvær

Winner: Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

Young Chef of the Year:

Nominees: Jacob Burmølle, Restaurant Vår, Christian Gadient, BRUS, Poul Andrias Ziska, KOKS

Winner: Poul Andrias Ziska, KOKS

Sustainable Restaurant of the Year:

Nominees: Amass Restaurant, Restaurant Moment, Veve

Winner: Amass 

Beer Experience of the Year:

Nominees: Restaurant Barr, BRUS, Bryghuset Vendia

Winner: Restaurant Barr

Drive Home-Beverage Menu of the Year:

Nominees: Kadeau Bornholm, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Studio

Winner: Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

Wine List of the Year:

Nominees: Babette, Restaurant Geranium, Søllerød Kro

Winner: Søllerød Kro

Coffee Experience of the Year:

Nominees: 108Restaurant GeraniumKadeau

Winner: 108 

Feel Good Experience of the Year:

Nominees: La Banchina, Christianshøjkroen, Restaurant ROS

Winner: Restaurant ROS

Value for Money of the Year

Nominees: Restaurant RemouladenRestaurant Textur, Vallø Slotskro

Winner: Vallø Slotskro

Dessert Experience of the Year

Nominees: Restaurant Frederikshøj, RestaurationenSøllerød Kro 

Winner: Søllerød Kro 

Fish and Shellfish Experience of the Year

Nominees: La Banchina, Fanø Østersfestival, Villa Vest

Winner: Fanø Østersfestival

In DinnerBooking we are proud to have many of our partners represented in almost every category and a lot of them can call themselves winners as well. We are honored to work with such talented people everyday and we congratulate them all.

About White Guide

White Guide Denmark publishes new reviews from great restaurants all around Denmark every week and once a year they launch the White Guide Denmark, which contains an presentation and critical assessment of the Best Restaurants in Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland. As something new this year the guide is available in English. White Guide Denmark is a part of the White Guide Nordic, which covers all the Nordic Countries.

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