Sell tickets for Christmas and New Year

Do you host events for Christmas or New Year in your restaurant? Or perhaps you make take away menus? In DinnerBooking we can help you with the event-setup and ticket sales – read more here.

Soon it’s time for Christmas and New Year celebrations and there are lot’s of great reasons why you should choose DinnerBooking to help you organize these events. Read here why the DinnerBooking Event System is an ideal choice for you if you want to host events in your restaurant:

Everything in one place

Rather than switching between an external ticket system and your DinnerBooking booking system, why not have it all together in one place? If you sell tickets with DinnerBooking, ticket sales are directly integrated with your booking system. This means that bookings with tickets go directly into the system – the system that your employees already know and use daily. This means that you can save time and avoid putting an effort into learning how to use new systems.

Avoid handling the payments yourself

With DinnerBooking Events you do not have to keep track of payments and send out invoices yourself – We handle the payments for you so you don’t have to waste too much time on administrative work.

Guests can book at anytime and anywhere

It is not only you and your colleagues who can benefit from using DinnerBooking Events – It is also an advantage and an extra service for your guests.

Restaurant guests today want to have the freedom to book a table anytime and anywhere – this also applies to events. Instead of them being depended on your office hours they can book online anytime.

Avoid loosing money on No Shows

No Shows is unfortunately a well-known and widespread issue among restaurants. At DinnerBoking we offer several different solutions to the problem – one of the great tools is to sell tickets to your dining experiences. When you sell tickets to your events with DinnerBooking, the guest pays in advance, and the booking will go directly into the system as usual.

Promotion via DinnerBooking

Events will always be displayed on the DinnerBooking website. In addition – in some cases – we can assist in the promotion of your events via our blog, newsletter and SoMe – however, this will depend on the timing of our other activities at the given time (NB: At the moment additional promotion is only possible in Estonia, Finland, Norway and Denmark).

“How do I get started?”

If you are interested in organizing Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve or another kind of event, please contact us at +45 32 55 50 48 or by mail at We can help you with both the idea, setup and ticket sales (and in some cases with PR through our various digital media platforms).

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