See the Winners of the Danish Chef and Waiter of the Year

The 18th of March the winners of the prestigious prizes ’Chef of the Year’ and ’Waiter of the Year’ in Denmark 2018 were found.

Congratulations to Jesper Dams Hansen from Restaurant Babette who won the prize as the Chef of the Year, and as well congratulations to Nicolai Martens from Kong Hans Kælder who won the prize as the Waiter of The Year.

Chef of the Year

Jesper Dams Hansen, 34 years, chef af Babette in Vordingborg tells about the feeling when the received the prize:

“It’s crazy when you dream of something, and it suddenly comes true. It felt like an out of the body experience. When I stood on the podium with the trophy in my hand I thought I would come up with a huge victory roar, but in fact I became more touched than I had expected,” he says.

Restaurant Babette is especially known for a dining experience in top class with Danish food. It is highly preferably to use organic and local produces food.

Waiter of the Year

Nicolai Martens waiter at Kong Hans Kælder won the silver in 2017, but in 2018 he won the ultimate title as Waiter of the Year.

Restaurant Kong Hans Kælder is Denmark’s oldest gourmet restaurant.

Proud partners

In DinnerBooking we are very proud to have The Chef of the Year and The Waiter of the Year as our talented partners.

We are also proud that so many of our partners were among the nominees in the contest.

See the full list here.

About the contest:

Every year, at the Foodexpo in Denmark, qualified chefs and waiters compete against each other in the competition to win the prestigious titles as Chef of the Year and Waiter of the Year.

Foodexpo, where the competition is held, is the largest food trade in the Nordic countries and is venue for visitors and exhibitions in the industry.

Foto af Årets Kok og Årets Tjener: MCH/Tony Brøchner

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