Now it’s easier to manage large groups in your restaurant

DinnerBooking’s new order feature is your tool to manage events and larger groups in your restaurant quickly and easily – read more.

No more messing around with a big pile of Word documents and confusing Excel sheets when hosting larger groups or events in your restaurant. With DinnerBooking’s new integrated order creation tool it is easy to keep track on all the important information regarding events and larger groups – e.g. menus, allergies, pricing and much more. Read more about the new feature:

Create one uniform document

DinnerBooking’s new order tool is a flexible way of creating one uniform document with all the important details and information about a larger group or a specific event – e.g.  menus, amounts, allergies, pricing, payment methods etc. When registering this information it will all be stored directly into the specific booking. This way everything you and your colleagues need to know about the group will be gathered in one place.

Simple and efficient communication

The communication between the restaurant staff in the kitchen and on the floor has become even easier with the new order feature. Instead of writing inconsistent notes in separate documents, you can now – as mentioned above – do it in one single document directly in the booking itself.

This document can easily be accessed by – or printed to – the kitchen as an easy-to-read overview of which dishes to make when etc. The purpose is to help simplify and improve the communication between the staff in the kitchen and at the floor in order for you all to save both time money and resources.

A tool to accounting and offers

The order feature automatically calculates the total price (incl. VAT) which makes it an obvious tool in relation to accounting. For instance the document is ideal to use both as offers or invoices.

Completely customizable to fit your needs

The order function is fully customizable to meet your needs: You fill in all the categories yourself based on your own needs. Thus, it is an ideal solution for you whether your restaurant is a small individual business or a larger group of restaurants.

Developed in collaboration with professional restaurateurs

The new order creation feature has been developed in close collaboration with a group of professional restaurateurs.

In DinnerBooking we aim to listen to our customers and cater to their needs. This new co-developed feature is a great example of how we try to develop our product in cooperation with our customers in order to achieve the most effective tools to improve their business and everyday lives in their restaurants.

If you are a DinnerBooking Business or Enterprise customer the new feature is free of charge.

Do you want to use the new order creation tool or just want to know more about it? Please contact us at or at +45 32 55 50 48 for more information. We’ll help you get started.

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