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Prepayment can be used when your guests are booking online. The prepaid amount can be either the price of a menu, part of it or a deposit. You can also use prepayment with a fixed amount.

Prepayment is especially ideal when a booking is made for a larger group but can be used for bookings of all sizes. Prepayment helps prevent last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Naturally, you can tailor prepayment to your restaurant and price range.


  • Your guests commit to their visit
  • All information is visible in your daily view
  • You are ensured a minimum amount if guests cancel
  • Fewer no-shows
  • You can customise your own prepayment rules
  • Easy overview and order handling
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A clear overview

As a prepayment user you get a weekly overview of the prepaid bookings. This overview is divided into event tickets, regular prepaid bookings, gift cards received, and the number of cancellations.

Furthermore, you will get a list of all the guests that completed a prepayment as well as the total sum of your collected prepayments.

How much can you save?

You can save a lot by using prepayment. Restaurants using prepayment decrease no-shows by up to 98% compared to restaurants using a regular payment setup.

prepayment savings prepayment savings

In our example above, we have compared a restaurant's earnings with and without prepayment. In this case, the restaurant had a capacity of 160 pax but 32 guests were no-shows. A restaurant with prepayment can recover up to 57% of its expected earnings when the no-show rate is 20%.

Your guests will accept prepayment

Guests presented with a prepayment setup will accept it and complete the booking as they normally do. You probably would not hesitate to pay in advance for your trip, theatre tickets or a concert?

A lunch or dinner at a good restaurant is an experience, and your guests will not mind paying for it in advance.

DinnerBooking customers who have started using prepayment have shown a stable booking flow after activating it.


When will I get the payout?

DinnerBooking uses trusted payment providers to ensure that all payments are transferred to your account safely and timely.

We settle all customer accounts at the beginning of each week. This is when we send your credit notes for ticket sales, prepaid bookings, gift cards and invoices for potential handling fees.

You will receive your payout a few days after each account settlement.


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