Bocuse d’Or 2023: Winners and insights from a jury member

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Bocuse d’Or 2023: Winners and insights from a jury member

The winners of Bocuse d’Or 2023 have been announced! Tune in for the results, highlights of the contest, and the thoughts from one of the jury members. A big congratulations to Danish Brian Mark Hansen from Søllerød Kro and his assistant, Elisabeth Madsen, from Svinkløv Badehotel, who won gold at Bocuse d’Or 2023. The competition […]

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Red neon Valentine's heart on wall

A heart-shaped holiday: 5 Valentine’s Day ideas for restaurants

Valentine’s Day is a popular day to dine out. This romantic holiday used to be an American phenomenon, but now it’s growing in Europe. Plenty of guests are just waiting for you to offer Valentine’s Day specials and events, so they can invite their special someone out for dinner, luxurious brunch or another culinary love […]

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Two restaurant owners writing a mission statement. They're using their laptop at a table in the restaurant.

The why behind it all: How to write a restaurant mission statement

It might seem obvious what a restaurant’s purpose is. But all restaurants have missions, visions and values that make them unique. Defining yours in a written mission statement can help you develop a stronger restaurant brand and reach a wider group of guests. The mission statement also provides you and your staff with a clear […]

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A waiter taking an order on a tablet from two laughing restaurant guests.

More tech and climate hero ingredients: 5 restaurant trends in 2023

We’ve explored some sprouting restaurant trends that are likely to bloom in 2023. You can also read Finnish chef and restaurant owner Mattias Åhman’s thoughts on the trends.

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Restaurant with colourful furniture and many green plants

Combat no-shows: the invisible guests who cost too much

When restaurant guests make a booking and never show up, they become no-shows. These guests are expensive for the industry. In the storms of the inflation’s financial downturn and higher prices, reducing no-shows is more crucial for restaurants than ever. It’s time for us to turn things around!     According to a 2021 study no-shows […]

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Guests want experiences: 10 tips for creating restaurant events 

Do you want to stay one large step ahead in a world of foodies? Treat your guests to memorable dining events full of delicious surprises to make them hungry for more. With these 10 tips, you’re off to a flying start! Restaurant events that bring guests something more than just a tasty meal are among […]

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Smiling woman eating alone at an outdoor restaurant table

A table for one: become one of the best restaurants for solo dining

Solo dining, what’s that all about? Dining in a restaurant is often associated with two or more people sharing a meal. But according to several studies, there are more and more solo diners out there. That means there’s a new guest group to consider. Learn why making solo diners feel welcome in your restaurant is […]

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Smiling woman in white, floral dress looking at a restaurant menu

How to craft a more profitable restaurant menu

Your menu is often what gives new guests their first impression of your restaurant. A restaurant menu is much more than just a list of mouth-watering dishes and drinks. Did you know that there are a ton of ways you can use the menu to boost your restaurant’s profit? In this article, we’ll explore how! […]

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Restaurant lighting. Light bulbs.

Let there be light: why restaurant lighting is so important

Restaurant lighting is more important in the overall dining experience than you might think. Learn how direct or indirect lighting can impact guests’ first impressions of your restaurant. Or what kind of lighting and settings can make your guests stay for longer and much more. Interior light has proven to influence guests’ dining experience and […]

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A restaurant patio with many tables, and lamps hanging from the patio cover.

When restaurants were soup: a journey through restaurant facts

We don’t even want to imagine a world without restaurants. Not only because it’s our industry and passion, but also because restaurants breathe life into cities with alluring scents, cosy facades and a myriad of flavours waiting to be discovered. Let’s explore some restaurant facts to find out how we got here and where we’re […]

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A woman at a New Year's event. There's confetti and balloons around her.

Restaurant guests are craving Christmas and New Year’s events

The restaurant guests of the future want memorable dining experiences. Restaurant events are among the latest and most popular industry trends. In December, Christmas and New Year’s events are especially popular. That’s good news for your restaurant because selling tickets for events can boost revenue while making things easier for you and your team! Restaurants […]

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Two chefs plating oysters and other food

Calmer jingle bells: reduce holiday stress in your restaurant

Cosy streets with sparkling Christmas lights, Wham on every playlist, and knitted sweaters with red-nosed reindeer. We’ve almost arrived at that magical time of the year. December is a lovely and busy time. But it’s also a time when the risk of stress increases for restaurant workers. We’ve put together a list of things that […]

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A wooden welcome sign on a azure blue restaurant door

Make your restaurant accessible for guests with disabilities

Dining out should be an enjoyable experience. Tasty food, great company, and service that brings out a smile is all that’s needed, right? For guests with disabilities, a pleasurable dining experience also requires good accessibility. A place where they can relax and enjoy delicious food without having to worry about a bunch of things. Make […]

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Many different vegetables

Here are the world’s 100 best vegetable restaurants in 2022!

On November 8, the project We’re Smart® World published its latest ranking of the 100 best vegetable restaurants in the world. These restaurants aren’t necessarily vegetarian, but they excel in cooking delicious dishes where vegetables play the leading roles. During the last few years, more and more restaurant guests are looking for restaurants with a […]

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Dessert at Michelin restaurant Platán Gourmet in Hungary

The new country-wide Michelin Guide Hungary is out!

The Michelin stars were drizzling down on Hungarian restaurants when the famous gourmet guide revealed its first-ever country-wide selection in the beautiful and diverse Central European country. This year seven restaurants each received 1 Michelin Star and two restaurants impressed the guide’s inspectors enough to be awarded 2 stars!   The Michelin inspectors tasted their way […]

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Someone searching for a restaurant in the browser on a smartphone.

SEO tips for restaurants: help guests find you when they’re hungry!

Google ranking and online visibility are essential factors for a successful restaurant business. Your restaurant’s ranking in Google search results directly impacts your revenue. There’s a lot of competition in the restaurant industry. With a good SEO strategy, you can boost your profit and make sure guests find you first when they’re googling for a […]

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A man leaning against a wall while reading a book. There's a cup of takeaway coffee next to him.

Books on restaurant management: 8 inspiring reads!

Sometimes managing a restaurant can feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube — there’s often that one messy side. Whatever that side is for you today, tomorrow, and next year, there are restaurant people out there who know what you’re dealing with. They’ve been there and made it through to the other side, and now they’re […]

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Smiling people with sparklers and confetti at a New Year's event.

New Year’s guide for restaurants: sparkle into 2023!

Bubbles, sparkly outfits, glitter confetti and delicious food — the last evening of the year has more party energy than any other! Invite your guests to a memorable New Year’s Eve at your restaurant and make them remember you whenever they want to dine out in 2023. As is the case with Christmas Eve, more […]

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A peach on a pink cheramic plate

Do colours affect the dining experience?

Did you know that the colours of food and dinnerware can have an impact on the overall dining experience? Come along on this colourful ride, get to know the do’s and don’ts and learn how to use colours to your advantage. Numerous studies have shown that colours play a role in the dining experience. For […]

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Restaurant Christmas table with a red tablecloth, and a plate with decorated with a spruce twig.

Get your restaurant ready for Christmas 2022 — 14 jolly ideas  

Deck the halls with…well not quite yet, but even though we still haven’t carved our pumpkin lanterns, it’s time to think about Christmas events and promotions for your restaurant. Read our list and start planning today! Whether your restaurant is a go-to place for large company Christmas parties, or you just want to plan something extra […]

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A Halloween pumpkin lantern veiled in smoke

Tips for a spooktastic restaurant Halloween 2022

The spookiest holiday is just around the corner. Get your restaurant ready for the season of grinning pumpkins and sticky spiderwebs before Halloween blows through town with the autumn leaves. Did you know that Halloween is a more popular search term than Christmas? Sure, it does vary from country to country, but Halloween is no longer just an […]

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Guests sitting and standing in a restaurant with green chairs and ceiling lamps.

Restaurants vs. inflation: 5 cost-saving ideas for a safer ride

Prices of food and electricity are soaring in Europe. This is making it harder for many restaurants to handle all their costs. Here are some cost-cutting tips to help you get your restaurant safely through inflation.   The inflation is a real punch to European restaurants that recently struggled through two years of Covid lockdowns. […]

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A light sign with the text "Live music Friday & Saturday 7-10 PM."

Food tastes better with tunes — why restaurant music matters

Music influences how much food and drinks restaurant guests order and how long time they stay. Let’s explore how you can shape guest experience with music.

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A plate of green vegetables and edible flowers at Restaurant Moment.

Restaurant Moment on sustainability

Rikke and Morten Storm Overgaard are the owners and founders of sustainable and vegetarian Restaurant Moment. Their restaurant is situated in Mols Bjerge in Denmark by the entrance of the organic village Friland. In this interview, they share their thoughts on running a restaurant, conveying a deeper understanding of sustainability to guests, and what it […]

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A man using a laptop in a restauant. He's wearing an apron. Behind him are three tables set with wine glasses and cutlery.

Reach those scrolling guests — 8 social media tips for restaurants

Do you know many people who aren’t on social media? We’re guessing it’s not enough to count on two hands. Everyone is scrolling away on various feeds. That’s why you need a good social media strategy if you want to attract new guests and remind regulars why they love your restaurant! So, what exactly is […]

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Nyhavn in Copenhagen on a sunny day with blue sky and only a few clouds.

Byens Bedste 2022: Copenhagen’s best culinary spots!

Friday, August 26, the Danish newspaper Berlingske revealed the winners of Byens Bedste 2022. Byens Bedste, which translates to Best in Town, is a yearly occurring selection of Copenhagen’s best cultural and gastronomic experiences. From 75 nominees, voted for by readers, the Berlingske jury selected 15 extraordinary winners who all contribute to Copenhagen’s vibrant cultural […]

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A curly-haired woman eating something tasty with a fork.

Does this contain eggs? Become a more allergy-friendly restaurant! 

Do guests with food allergies feel safe eating at your restaurant? Learn why being an allergy-friendly restaurant is good for business!

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Smiling bartender preparing a drink.

Helpful strategies for understaffed restaurants

Many restaurants in Europe don’t have enough staff to meet the demands of hungry guests. An understaffed restaurant risks having to turn down bookings and losing revenue. Let’s explore some strategies to help you and your team in times of understaffing.   In Denmark, the trade association and employers’ organization for the restaurant, hotel and tourism […]

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Two plates of food, and two glasses of wine on a wooden table decorated with flowers in a small vase.

5 hot trends in the restaurant industry right now

Trends come and go year after year, some fade out while others stay and become the new normal. Our industry, the restaurant industry, needs these waves of new ideas to survive, thrive, grow and remain exciting for both guests and restaurant staff. A new era for the restaurant industry After almost two years of lockdowns […]

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Young food innovators at the 50 Next ceremony

50 Next: The World’s young gastronomy game-changers

50 Next is created by the organization behind The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. It’s an unranked list of young people who are doing great things to shape the future of gastronomy. On June 24, 2022’s 50 Next line-up was revealed at a live ceremony in Bilbao. So, what is 50 Next all about?   50 Next […]

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Two smiling waiters setting tables in a restaurant

How to deal with stress in a restaurant

Working in a restaurant is exciting and challenging, but it can also be stressful when the sauce is boiling over, and the orders keep rolling in. Learn how you and your team can help each other reduce the risk of stress and burnout.    Constant stress doesn’t have to be an everyday reality   In […]

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Actor Stanley Tucci as the host of the World's 50 Best Restaurants ceremony

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 unveiled!

On July 18 the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 were revealed in London. This year’s ceremony, hosted by the Hollywood actor Stanley Tucci, marked the 20th anniversary of this important gastronomy event. A celebration of global culinary diversity   This isn’t just another list. It’s a celebration of the many strengths and diversities of the global […]

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Hand holding newly harvested carrots

10 tips for a more sustainable restaurant

Guests expect more and more from restaurants when it comes to sustainability. This isn’t a wave or trend, it’s a development that’s here to stay. Go greener and do something good while attracting more guests. Get inspired by our 10 sustainability tips and start moving in a direction that’s good for both the climate and […]

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A dish from restaurant Palace in Helsinki. The food is served in a bowl of white pebbles decorated with violet flowers.

The Michelin Guide Nordic 2022 has arrived!

The complete list for the Michelin Guide Nordic has just dropped! The stars are truly shining on the Nordics. Take a look below to see where your next restaurant visit should be. On July 4th, the Michelin Guide presented a new selection of restaurants for the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries. The guide reveals an abundance […]

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Tomatoes in different shapes, colours and sizes

Why is umami such a buzzword?  

Umami is a basic taste that isn’t sweet, sour, salty or bitter. So, what does it taste like and how does it affect how your guests experience your food?   

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Women dressed in traditional Nordic folk costumes on the stage at EMBLA Nordic Food Awards.

Embla Nordic Food Award winners revealed

The winners of the postponed Nordic Food Awards Embla 2021 were announced in Oslo on June 20, 2022. The awards are divided into seven different categories that celebrate Nordic food and highlight all the talented people behind it. Embla celebrates many aspects of the Nordic kitchen Embla Nordic Food Awards, founded by The Nordic Farmers’ […]

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A group of happy people jumping

Reach more goals with restaurant analytics tracking

Tracking your restaurant analytics can give you a lot more achievements to celebrate. Best of all — it doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s show you how tracking is the key to more restaurant bookings!  The data you get from tracking makes it easier to spend money on the right things. This means that you […]

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Restaurant staff, a man and a woman looking at a tablet. They're in a restaurant kitchen and wearing black aprons.

Guest reviews are free shout-outs for your restaurant 

Restaurant guests simply love reviews. Whenever and wherever it’s possible to review something, people take the chance to do it. Reviews are a big deal for the entire restaurant industry – so let’s embrace them. We’ll show you how they can boost your business!    Guest reviews help your restaurant stand out in the crowd! Most […]

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A Michelin chef arranging a selection of mushrooms. Slices of tree trunks with bark on them are used as plates.

The Michelin Guide has revealed its first selection of restaurants in Estonia

The famous Michelin Guide has finally made its way to Estonia! This sparkling new guide includes 2 Michelin Stars, 2 Michelin Green Stars and 5 Bib Gourmands. On May 25, the Michelin Guide revealed its selection of Estonian restaurants. Being mentioned in the Michelin Guide, with or without stars, is a big deal for the restaurants. […]

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The kitchen staff from restaurant Palace in Helsinki. The number one on the list of Finland's 50 best restaurants in 2022.

Finland’s 50 best restaurants 2022 announced

On May 18, we could finally stop waiting. The list of Finland’s 50 best restaurants was announced at the Gastro Helsinki trade fair. This exciting gastronomy vote is organized yearly by Viisi Tähteä online media. 2022 was the 14th year. The result of a vote for Finland’s 50 best restaurants 2022 was announced on May […]

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A pool at hotel Nimb's roof-top terrace. The water is illuminated and looks green. Copenhagen's skyline is reflected in the surface. A few people are sitting at tables near the pool.

Success story: the magic behind Nimb’s popular events

Nimb in the heart of Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens knows exactly what kind of fairy dust it takes to create memorable events. Learn how they do it! Did you ever visit Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens? Perhaps you stopped for a moment to admire a Moorish-style palace with an elegant onion dome? This is Nimb, a boutique hotel and […]

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DinnerBooking and Nicolai Nørregaard

Michelin-chef Nicolai Nørregaard: “I’m an advocate of the nature”

Head chef and restaurant owner Nicolai Nørregaard from the Danish Michelin restaurant Kadeau has a love for the nature. Spending time outdoor picking the herbs and vegetables for his kitchen is connected to a deeper thinking of avoiding food waste. “When I spend time in the nature, I feel free.” – says Nicolai Nørregaard The […]

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No shows and how to deal with them as a restaurant

No shows and how to deal with them as a restaurant

If you are working in the restaurant industry, you are probably familiar with no shows – when guests fail to show at a reserved table. And we can probably all agree, that it is quite disconcerting – both because the restaurant will lose revenue and because it often results in food waste when the restaurant […]

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