Discover the portrait of Rasmus Kofoed from Restaurant Geranium

Photo by: Claes Bech Poulsen

For the 30 years anniversary of Bocuse d’Or this year chef Rasmus Kofoed from the world famous Restaurant Geranium shares his thoughts about the contest.    

Not only does Restaurant Geranium have three Michelin stars in the Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2017 – Recently it was also ranked the 19th best restaurant in the entire world in 2017 AND it has one of the best chefs in the world, namely Rasmus Kofoed.

World’s Best Chef

Chef Rasmus Kofoed was voted best chef in 2011 in the world championships in cooking, Bocuse D’Or. He is also the most winning chef in the Bocuse d’Or contest ever, since he won both a gold, silver and bronze medal through the years. Thus, Rasmus Kofoed has a very unique relation with Bocuse d’Or contest, and to mark the 30th Anniversary of Bocuse D’or this year Rasmus Kofoed from Restaurant Geranium shares his emotions about the contest in this lovely short film made by Bocuse d’Or:

More about Geranium: 

Geranium is located on the 8th floor in the Common Gardens in the center of Copenhagen. When they won their third Michelin star in 2016 it became the first three-star Michelin Restaurant in Denmark.

Their mission is to create meals that involve all senses and they get there by exploring the area of tension between the urbane and the natural.

Geranium was opened in 2007 in the Kings Garden in Copenhagen by Rasmus Kofoed and Søren Ledet. One year later in 2008 it received its first michelin star. It was shortly closed down in 2009 but reopened in its current location in 2010. In 2013 they received their second Michelin star and earned a spot at the San Pellegrino list of The Worlds 50 best restaurants 2013 and finally in 2016 they managed to achieve a third Michelin Star as the first restaurant in Denmark. Geranium still has its three Michelin stars and the restaurant has just moved even closer to the top of various lists regarding best restaurants in the World.

For many years Geranium has been a part of the DinnerBooking team and we are extremely proud to be working with such amazing and talented people.

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